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I am a firm believer that to get free we have to examine the root issues causing our behavior, and the only way to do that is to allow God to guide us to what is triggering the behavior. God is our creator and knows all things. If we ask Him by faith to show us what is keeping us bound, I believe He will do just that. If we want to live a productive, healthy life we need to be healed and whole. When we can examine our past with clear lenses, it will help us to see what is causing our pain. This will help us to start to let go of some of the survival mechanism we have used and find healthier alternatives , like talking to a friend, praying, or going for a walk. 

You have to set your mind that you’re going to do this no matter how hard it gets. This may require spending some time talking to God and sitting in His presence, allowing Him to stir up some pain that you may have stuffed for many years.

We all have hurts that God wants to heal. I believe this is why so many are enslaved to addictions—because they can’t face the pain. Feeling the pain from your past won’t kill you, but your addiction and stress will.

If we allow God to heal us from rejection, anger, resentment, shame, and unforgiveness, it will allow us to break free and walk into liberty. These issues will not be able to come back and torment us again, because we allowed God to pull them out by the roots.

There is an enemy that would love to destroy God’s destiny for your life, and most of the time the enemy will use people who are the closest to you to keep you wounded. Then we walk around confused thinking, what is wrong with me, that the other person would do this to me?