“SANDWICHED IN KINDNESS.” You are looking at THE two kindest people in the world. Think of the kindest person you know, now add to that attribute… mercy, sweetness, selflessness in suffering, and the contagious joy of the Lord. That’s these two. For someone like myself who loves big but really has to take time for kindnesses, I am constantly impressed at how it comes so easily to these two. Out of all the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit that we see in Scripture, everybody wants peace, love, and joy, but the world seems to overlook the forgotten fruit of kindness. Not these two. This is Chris’ mother, Jackie Curtis and my step-mom, Janice Harris.  And it is from the both of these women where Jenesis gets her full name… Jenesis Jacqueline Rose. For the last three days we have been in Gatlinburg together along with Christopher and my dad, Arlen. We have had a good touristy time but more than that, a time of impact this morning where the generations came together and prayed in unity for our corporate legacy. I think it’s the first time we’ve had both sides of the family doing that together, seeing as how we don’t all live in the same state. It turned out to be a mountaintop experience even more beautiful (and misty) than the majestic mountains just off of our balcony.  What a kind gift from God to all of us in this Thanksgiving season. “SANDWICHED IN KINDNESS.” 🙌🏻