MONDAY MOTIVATION: “FIND YOUR DESERTED PLACE.“ This morning, my devotional made me look at an old verse in a new way. We’ve all heard that Jesus was good about finding alone time to pray. This was always challenging to me as a young mother, outnumbered 6 to 1 with a half a dozen kids I was responsible for in a house with one big open floor plan and nowhere to really go alone (or without someone interrupting). So I never fully felt like I was living up to this verse or reaping its calming benefits, and maybe some of you young mamas can relate (and I only knew a couple of people with as many kids as me and so finding someone who could relate on that scale was never possible). But today I read this familiar verse and three words stood out for the first time, all beginning with the letter “D.” Dark, departed and deserted. Maybe—just maybe—this verse also describes a frame of mind that Jesus was in and can help us today when we are feeling the same way. He experienced desertion by almost everyone around him and knew what was happening in real time. Maybe if we are not geographically able to depart and go somewhere to pray as he did, we can mentally and prayerfully face the darkness and then emotionally go to the places where we feel deserted, inviting him to go there with us. He was despised and rejected by men. So, you will be too. He is near to the brokenhearted. And always will be. By allowing him to go to/enter that deserted place in your heart, you will soon begin counting your blessings, see that there are more for you than against you (people AND angels), and realize how alone you are not. I sincerely pray this blesses someone today. “FIND YOUR DESERTED PLACE.“