About FIND Social
FIND - One Platform... For All

We want to welcome you to the FIND platform! The world needs responsible search and social media that is not driven solely by metrics and engagement, and mirrors the way humanity has communicated for thousands of years (i.e. good ideas rise to the top).  Many of the large and well known social media platforms put their users in a filter bubble (the movie “The Social Network” is a great way to learn about this if you have not seen it), and prioritize showing you content based on your history of likes and shares. In general, this has been irresponsible, and divisive. FIND is bringing back truly organic search and social media.

We also believe search and social media should be non political. In recent years, “engagement/metric based” social media has divided people like no other time in history. Question: Did you really care who your friends were voting for 10 to 15 years ago? I ask this question often, and almost 100% of the time the answer is no. Social media is not completely responsible for this division, but it certainly has played a major role. This is not acceptable. We need a return to respecting the views of others, and allow people to express themselves with no fear of censorship. On FIND, will remove the obvious bad content such as pornography or graphic violence, but as an American company, our guiding principle is this: If postings are lawful and constitutionally protected free speech, it will never be censored on our platform. Open and organic communication fuels scientific advancement, helps us learn about each other, and when enabled properly on the internet, it connects and propels humanity forward in incredible ways. So, all viewpoints are welcome on FIND. I would gladly stand side by side with those whom I completely disagree to protect their right to freely express their opinions.

There will be 4 areas of the FIND platform:

FIND Social - Our social network similar to Facebook
Planned Launch: October 2021

FIND Echo - Our microblogging platform like Twitter
Planned Launch: November 2021

FIND Creators - Think Youtube or Vimeo, but on steroids
Planned Launch: December 2021

FIND Search - Search engine with amazing innovation. You will never be happy with 10 curated search results from other search engines ever again.
Planned Launch: First quarter 2022

FIND represents a 10 year journey that began in 2011 when I merged another internet company I founded with the one that owned the FIND.COM name. Two years later when Edward Snowden told the world in 2013 all of our data was being collected by search and social media platforms and given to government agencies (i.e. spying on U.S. Citizens (and others) in profound ways), I was angry and frustrated. It ignited a fire in me to give the public something better, something responsible, and something that protects them. As a company, we are committed to these principles.

Additionally, we are equally committed to innovation. We are not happy to be simply be “as good as” or “an alternative” to other platforms. All four areas of FIND have incredible new features coming that have never been seen by the public. Some of them are game changers (especially in the search space). FIND will not just be an alternate. It will be the very best search and social media platform that has ever existed.

Welcome aboard! You are now part of an amazing journey with us, and we are truly excited to bring FIND to you. You deserve something better, and we are honored to give it to you.

Jeffrey Sisk

Questions & Comments: Email us at info@find.com