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I wrote to the United States Attorney General Mr. Barr. Will it be read? I really don’t know.
Dear Honorable Barr,

Today is Sunday November 29, 2020 and I am writing you to let you know I am praying for you and America, too. I am just one voice here asking you to help the United States stay on the path of truth and justice.

I plead with you to call a special counsel with respect to the claims of election fraud. I am a proud American who voted and ask you to endeavor bringing a special counsel to make the election data transparent with attention to the evidence of materials and affidavits provided by the lawyer team alleging election fraud.

Please take on this action by calling for the special counsel. I am only one voice but I know there are 73,000,000 more which echo my request.

Will you help America in this time of distrust and hurting? I pray you do this.


Vicki West