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Echo chambers occur and it makes it easier to turn the switch from “on” to “off” for these alternative outlets. But heh, you’re being censored everywhere you go now anyways. Also keep in mind, the worst form of censorship is self-censorship. When you stop from voicing an honest opinion based on facts and your belief system you have effectively fallen for the trap of self-censorship. It is a mental trap and the hardest to break from.

3. Is it time for a real 2nd Party? The mask has fallen away. If anything has been proven with President Trump in the white house, is that there really is a deep state. It also appears to me that the Democratic and Republican parties are unified at the top, thus it’s a one-party system. I’m of the opinion that conservatives should let the GOP fade away to nothing in the years to come. A third, which is actually a true second party, should be formed. Perhaps the Patriotic Party? Freedom loving Patriots need to take a hard look at this idea. RINOs need not apply. #boycott #boycottbigtech #PatriotParty #freedom