Today President Trump left the White House and President Biden stepped in. While I do not agree with the policies he is talking about I will still pray for him amd our leaders, why? Because Gods word says to.
I will not do as those did while President Trump was in office, yelling he is not my President. Presdient Biden is mg President, why? Because I am a American and he is the Commander in Chief of the USA. This does not mean I have to agree with his policies.
I will pray daily for our Leaders as I have always done.
I will stand on the Promises of God, one being Romans 8:28. I will not spread hate about him BUT I will stand up to my Beliefs in The Bible when I have to. I am an ambassadors of Christ.
"Our plans are not his plans"
We must TRUST our Fathers plan, none of this suprises him. We are mearly passing through. We MUST BE LIKE THE CITY ON A HILL, KEEP SHINNING AND SPREADING THE GOOD NEWS. PEOPLE NEED IT MORE THAN EVERY.
Be Blessed