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Create Special Environment For Her And Impress her :
We don’t mean you become a full-time bodyguard for her! Instead, ensure your girlfriend feels secure and comfortable around you. Spending time with you should be a relief and make her feel like she’s insulated from all her worries and fears. She should associate you with a sense of security where she’s comfortable being vulnerable if she wants to. You can consider consuming Cenforce 130mg to achieve erection despite having impotence.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Open With Her
This is something that people do to different degrees. If you are open with her about your fears, insecurities, and problems, it shows that you trust her enough to be vulnerable around her. This gives her the sense that you see her as a solid, reassuring presence in your life and as someone to whom you can confide anything.

Be A Gentleman
While this sounds like something you should be doing by default anyway, it never hurts to turn the chivalry up a notch. Go out of your way to ensure her comfort, even at the expense of yours. Pick her up, be early for dates, drop her home, and help her carry things even if they aren’t so heavy. These small gestures go a long way in making her see you as a gentleman. Gentleman satisfies his woman. Cenforce 130 mg is the best medication to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Give Her Compliments
There are the obvious compliments one might get from anyone on their birthday or when they are promoted. However, a good boyfriend will compliment his girlfriend in situations others may not. If you know her well enough, you will notice small things about her, such as a small change in hairstyle or a new perfume or outfit or even if she’s lost a bit of weight. Use such situations as a chance to compliment her often and sincerely.

Be Honest With Her
It is good to be honest, especially when interacting with your girlfriend. Being honest will go a long way in earning and keeping her trust. While lying or making excuses can often be an easier way out of a tough situation, it takes real strength of character to be honest with someone. Tell her if you have impotence issue. Cenforce 130mg is an effective medicine to overcome impotence.