✈️ “Is there are a doctor on board?!!” I carry this doctor’s bag with me every time I fly, hoping I will not have to use it, but today I did. On my way up the long aisle with it I wondered if I would be equipped to help whatever I was walking into and when I got to the man it became obvious that it was … of all things…a seizure. A grand mal seizure. 😭😭😭 I cared for him, took his vitals, and when he came around I told him that I understood better than he knew (I used to have horrible ones a couple of decades ago). You’re not allowed to administer anything medicinal (not even my Quiet Brain oil blend) and you would not want to, not knowing full medical history. But laughter is often the best medicine and so once he looked more coherent I assured him that his vitals were all good and that he would be fine, told him that he had been a good patient, and presented him with a lollipop (a calming lollipop made with chamomile and passion flower). He and everyone within earshot broke out into laughter when I pulled it out of the doctor’s bag, which relieved his embarrassment and their corporate tension. There was no history of seizures, and so although I was not able to check his blood sugar with my glucose testing kit, in retrospect it was likely a hypoglycemic seizure …which means that this little lollipop — which contains lots of organic honey—was actually the hero of the day. 🏆 I pack this bag a little differently each time I fly, as inspired at that moment, and last night I was inspired to throw some of these lollipops in. Thank you, Lord. The man is now receiving care and has gotten lots of prayer from us. AND we’re also now brainstorming about putting our patented essential oil blends into therapeutic suckers and calling them, you guessed it, Lollie’s Pops. 👩🏻‍⚕️🍭🩺 👍🏻 (Lollie is my grandma name.)